UNV Alliance (HK) Ltd. has successfully distinguished itself for being one of the most competent and reliable suppliers of industrial goods from China. Our major products include LED Lights, Aluminium Foil, Ferrite Magnets, NdFeB Magnets, Speaker Part and Impeder Ferrite Rods. These are crucial raw materials having application in various industries, for example, electronic and packaging industries. At UNV Alliance, we meticulously aim towards achieving our clients' satisfaction through extensive understanding of their needs and performance in most transparent manner. We enable our clients attain cost effectiveness through our product supplies by displaying highest extent of professionalism.

UNV Alliance has carved a niche for itself in the field of Magnets and Speaker Parts. Ferrite magnets have a vast application like in loud speakers, security systems, micro motors, dynamos, catchers, medical equipment, photocopy machines and much more. NdFeB magnets, like ferrite magnets, are used in speaker manufacturing and also in stepper motor, disc motor, servo motor, generator, magnetic coupler, magnetic switch, magnetic filter, earphone, CD-ROM etc.

Speaker parts dealt by us include cones, voice coils, piezos and frames. We have become choice of many speaker manufacturers owing to our quality, price effectiveness and prompt service.

UNV Alliance has also made a mark in the field of Aluminium Foil by supplying varying grades of foil of utmost quality at most reasonable price. We are suppliers of aluminium foil, laminated foil and glassine paper that are put to various uses like household, pharmaceutical, air-conditioning, insulation, beer neck etc.

We also take pride in saying that we are one of the proficient suppliers of Impeder Ferrite Rods in Hong Kong. Ferrite Impeder cores are used in the manufacture of Steel pipes. The Ferrite Welding Rod or Impeder Rod Core is placed inside the tube to suppress the return current on the inner surface of the tube resulting in a highly efficient welding process.

In the field of lighting also, we feel honoured to present ourselves as one point source of excellent quality LED product solutions such as tubes, bulbs, lamps, drivers, panels etc.