Aluminium Foil
Aluminium foil, owing to its usefulness in domestic and professional kitchens, hardly needs any further introduction. Aluminium Foil is a very useful barrier to moisture, oxygen, bacteria, odours and flavours.
Ferrite Magnets
A ferrite magnet is basically a ceramic compound made with Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) and Barium Oxide OR Strontium Oxide depending on the requirement. There are 27 grades of Ferrite Magnet.
NdFeB Magnets
NdFeB Magnet is manufactured with Neodymium(Nd), Iron(Fe) and Boron(B), hence making it NdFeB magnet. Neodymium magnets are classified as Rare Earth Magnet.
Speaker Parts
Speakers are manufactured for varied uses such as in cars, home theatres, T.V., radio etc. We can supply various speaker parts based on diverse specifications of different customers.
Impeder Ferrite Rods
Ferrite impeder cores are used for concentration of magnetic flux in high frequency, RF, induction welding of steel tubes and pipes. In this application ferrite core experiences temperature upto 150 C
LED Lights
FLED lighting solutions offer far better lifespan and electrical efficiency as compared to conventional light systems.

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