Impeder Ferrite Rods
Ferrite impeder cores are used for concentration of magnetic flux in high frequency, RF, induction welding of steel tubes and pipes. In this application ferrite core experiences temperature upto 150 C and the core properties must be optimized for this environment. Properties which influences the efficiency and the speed of the process are :
  • A high permeability (u) material to ensure high degree of magnetic flux concentration.
  • A high Saturation flux density Bs, at the working temperature, which determines, the maximum field in which the ferrite core can usually perform.
  • A high curie temperature at which the material ceased to concentrate magnetic flux, due to loss of ferrimagnetic properties.

For these applications, special ferrite materials are offered. They are having following excellent physical properties:

  • High Curie temperature and a low temperature dependence of the initial permeability and of magnetic flux density in the working temperature range.
  • A high saturation flux density in the working temperature range upto 150 C.
  • Low losses with increase of temperature.
  • A relative high amplitude permeability.
  • A high stability of the initial permeability vs. frequency upto 1 MHz.
All types of Impeder Core are supplied in a nominal length, equal to 200 j: 5mm.